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Need someone to

Help around the office?

You’ve come the the right place

Virtual Assistants are saving entrepreneurs & small businesses thousands of Rands each year!

What we do

Our Virtual Assistants typically works from home, providing their own office equipment and the infrastructure to provide an administrative service to their clients, who need assistance with the day-to-day operations of their business, from the busy individual to an executive in town for a few days, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Assignments are handled via phone, WhatsApp, Skype and email.

We also provide access to your documents via the Cloud!

How we save you money!

Enjoy a situation where you benefit financially, saving on employing new staff, medical aid, pension, additional office space, phones or computers, but still obtaining the administrative support you need, freeing up your time to concentrate on promoting your business instead of administration tasks.

Salary per Year (56k)21.13%
Hours per Year (480h)16.43%
Hours per Day (4h)50%
Cost Equivalent (1 Staff Member)22.22%

No employee-related taxes, paperwork, insurance, or benefits

No extra office space or equipment costs

Paid only for “Time on Task” or by project

Ability to stay on schedule

Extra staff during seasonal or peak activity time needed

Support on As Needed basis with fast turn around time

Weekend & Evening assistance available

Specialized Skills Available


Salary per Year (R265k)100%
Hours per Year (2080h)71.23%
Hours per Day (8h)100%
Cost Equivalent (4.5 Staff Members)100%

Payroll taxes, Social Security,Unemployment Insurance, Benefits

Must provide office space & equipment

Paid Salary or Hourly regardless of tasks completed

May waste time at work

Must hire & train any additional staff

Limited to trained employees or staff members available

Expensive to hire administrative staff for weekend & evening work

Limited to Skill Set of staff or must provide additional training


We bring our experiece with large companies to Home, Entrepreneur, Small & Medium Enterprises. Here are some companies we’ve worked for:


We offer a wide and very comprehensive list of Office Services. We are able to mix and match your needs with our Expertise.

Copy Typing
Simple Quotes
Data Capturing
Electronic Forms
Copy & Collating
Office Stationary
Office Refreshments
Print Cartridges
Business Cards
Letterhead Creation
Office Management
Office Maintenance
Property Management
Diary Management
Reminder Service
Travel Arrangements
Source Suppliers
Proof Reading
Minutes & Agenda
Internet Research
Document Conversions
Process Visa Applications
Event Organisation
Website Design/Maintenance
Mail Shots
Database/Spreadsheet Creation
PowerPoint Presentations
Project Management
Corporate Gifts
Promo Materials (flyers, pens)
Corporate Branding
Concierge (spa, tours, driver)
Flight Arrangement
Car Hire
Customer Service
Strategy Meetings
Fleet Management
Home Assistance

Becoming a Client

Our aim is to free up your time from tasks that can be performed by others, enabling you to concentrate on the other important issues that matter to your business. To benefit from this wonderful opportunity, simply email or call, and we will get the ball rolling.

We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you
should join them!