Virtual Assistant – Virtual Secretary – Virtual Executive Assistant

The face of the working world is ever-changing and with it, the in-house assistants, known as Administrative Assistants or Personal Assistants (PAs) who work in your office but can often work remotely, and so the online assistants were born, also known as Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistant Services

The Virtual Assistant Services offered by PA2GO include, but are not limited to:

●  Personal Assistant
●  Executive Assistant
●  Office Manager
●  Bookkeeping Services
●  Payroll Services
●  Specialised Services
●  Internet Research
●  Meeting & Conference Planning
●  Desktop Publishing (Flyer, Brochures, etc)
●  PowerPoint Presentations

Gain the services of an accredited professional Executive Assistant who works remotely and uses the latest technology to deliver your short-term or long-term secretarial needs, all online and eco-friendly.

Enjoy a situation where you benefit financially, saving on employing new staff, medical aid, pension, additional office space, phones or computers, but still obtaining the administrative support you need, freeing up your time to concentrate on promoting your business instead of administration tasks.

Projects are handled via email, phone & instant messaging.  You only pay for the time spent working on your project, whether it’s individual requests, or a set amount of hours per month, the choice is yours.

“Virtual Assistants are saving entrepreneurs and small businesses thousands of Rands each year!”

A Virtual Assistants usually works from home, providing their own office equipment and the infrastructure to provide an administrative service to their clients, who need assistance with the day-to-day operations of their business, from the busy individual to an executive in town for a few days, entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Assignments are handled via phone, email and our online portal.

Using a Virtual Assistant’s service has many more benefits when compared to employing an in-house assistant.  Just think of these possible savings:

●  Pay only for the time spent on a project – not a monthly salary!
●  No PAYE, UIF, car allowances or other related benefits or taxes
●  No office space, additional equipment and office maintenance required!
●  NO training or skills development required
●  You have more time to spend on your paying clients!

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Would you benefit from a few extra hours a week?

What is it currently costing you, using those hours on administrative tasks?

How would you and your business benefit from using those hours to see more paying clients, promote your business?

As your Virtual Assistant, I could free up 2 to 20 hours a week, helping you with everything from administrative tasks to bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, web design, transcription, the list goes on…

So grab those extra hours a week to see more clients now, and leave those administrative and marketing tasks to me, your Virtual Assistant.


What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For You?

Virtual Assistant can certainly reduce the amount of stress and frustration that comes from handling admin tasks.
●  Chase suppliers/orders/invoice payments
●  Processes orders and quotes
●  Manage your online diary/schedule appointments
●  Promote Social media marketing
●  Personal/business shopping
●  Screen your emails/send & receive emails
●  Source flights, hotel, car hire arrangements
●  Type up minutes, dictation, audio transcription files
●  Create PowerPoint presentations to promote your business/products
●  Manage marketing tasks/promotional material
●  Lead management/follow-up
●  Database management
●  Web site updates

…And still so much more!


Experience in the Workplace

With over 20 years experience with 2 international and 10 regional companies…we’re up for the challenge and have achieved all manner of requests for our clients.

The list above is by no means the limit of our services.