Becoming a Client

Our aim is to free up your time from tasks that can be performed by others, enabling you to concentrate on the other important issues that matter to your business.  To benefit from this wonderful opportunity, simply email or call, and we will get the ball rolling.

Once you have confirmed your desire to become a regular client, you will be allocated your own access to our Online Portal.  Through this secure portal, you will be able to view your calendar, send and receive messages, upload documentation to be worked on and download completed documentation or presentations.

In a meeting and not wanting to answer your phone?  Let us know and then redirect your phone to our cell for the required time.  We will answer and take a message which we will email to you, and BBM or WhatsApp – you decide what suites you best.

Our Online Portal

We will set up an online portal for you which you will use to access your secure files on our server.  Passwords and usernames will be allocated to you. Through this portal you could access your messages from both clients and ourselves, send us requests and review your online diary, which we can help you maintain.

Click here to view an example of what your online diary would look like.Calendar example